25 mai 2013

« SNC-Lavalin looking to clean up its reputation »

Allan Woods | the star.com

« […] As the argument goes, SNC-Lavalin is too big to fail. That line of reasoning saved American banks when they created a housing bubble only to have it burst in their face. It also sparked the multi-billion-dollar bailout of North American car companies when the global economy tanked.

“There are hundreds if not thousands of professionals who work for these companies and it’s very crucial for our economy to keep those people at work,” said Yves-Thomas Dorval, president of the Conseil du Patronat du Quebec, a lobby group that speaks for dozens of professional associations in the province, including the one that counts SNC-Lavalin as a member.

Even integrity and accountability watchdogs say that provincial and municipal governments need to find a way around an outright ban that may kill local jobs and hand potential SNC-Lavalin business to foreign firms.

“The law is not without loopholes . . . It’s a matter of saying, ‘It’s a ban unless you do this and that,’” said Yvan Allaire, president of Montreal’s Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations. […] »

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