Topic Results: Private governance

September 21, 2007

Two cheers for canada’s securities regulatory framework

Calls to eliminate the current architecture of the securities regulatory apparatus in Canada and replace it with a single, national securities commission have reached fever pitch over the last few weeks. Unsubstantiated claims that “Canada is the laughing stock of the rest of the world” are bandied around as if that were a compelling argument […]

July 18, 2006

CHUM and the premium for control: it is legal, but is it fair?

The opinions expressed here are strictly those of the author and do not reflect a position of the Institute nor of its board of directors. The acquisition of CHUM Ltd by Bell Globemedia has brought the issue of control through superior voting shares back in the limelight. In an early, path-breaking move, the Toronto stock […]

April 1, 1985

How to implement radical strategies in large organizations

The business press has recently chronicled many corporations that are experiencing momentous shifts in strategic orientation. Reference is often made to corporation’s market repositioning, acquisitions and divestitures, structural changes, etc. However, when reporting on such major strategic changes, the press has also begun  to emphasize the softer dimensions, such as values, culture, and mind-sets. Thus, […]