Corporate governance

The emphasis is on the best practices in governance; the “value-creating governance” model perfected by Professors Yvan Allaire and Mihaela Firsirotu serves as the general frame of reference.

The IGOPP, in collaboration with Formation des cadres et dirigeants HEC Montréal, offers you three different training sessions that set themselves apart by their practicality:

The most important new rules of governance (duration: 3 days)
The key role of the chair of the board (duration: 1 day)
Build and manage a good SME board (duration: 1 day)

Or approach: interactive and practical training

You wish to acquire new skills, or update your knowledge concerning legal, financial, economic and governance matters while basing yourself on the most recent rules, recommendations and practices with respect to governance: the purpose of these three training sessions is to provide you with practical concrete methods that help you fulfil your role as a director.

Our trainers

These three training sessions are given by practitioners with thorough knowledge of the environment in which SMEs operate. They will share the fruits of their experience with you, proposing practical methods for building a relationship based on trust and collaboration between the directors and the managers of your corporation.

Available in French