Governance of SMEs

Five practical workshops for members of the boards of directors of SMEs

These workshops will provide the participants with an opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and directors of SMEs for the purpose of discussing solutions to the challenges to be faced by the SMEs of the future.

Each workshop includes studies of actual cases in a team setting.

The trainers all have longstanding real-life experience in the governance of SMEs.

Workshop 1: Build a credible and motivated SME board

Workshop 2: How to tackle the strategic part and the major issues

Workshop 3: Understanding one’s legal duties and the risks of liability

Workshop 4: For a dynamic and high-performance board

Workshop 5: Preparing for succession and managing talent properly


  • Owners of SMEs
  • Members of the families of owners of SMEs
  • Executives and directors of SMEs
  • Outside directors of SMEs
  • Outside directors named by investors

Available in French