Customized training

Our approach

The Institute believes that boards of directors should implement a new governance model that ensures better decision making and creates sustainable value for the organization and that they themselves should become value added.

“Governance should be a stimulus of high performance, an injection of energy; it should contribute to the creation of sustainable value for the organization.” Allaire and Firsirotu, 2003

The “value-creating”® governance model recommended by the Institute has been developed by Professor Yvan Allaire. Its structure is based on four fundamental principles:

  • Credibility and legitimacy
  • Management of strategic processes
  • Quality of information and risk management
  • Motivation and performance incentives

The Institute’s approach to every mandate is guided by these four principles and it adapts them according to the environment particular to each organization.

Fortified by its expertise and its experience with various governance models and the best practices developed in diverse sectors of activity, the Institute offers a coaching model that consists of the following three steps:

  • Self-assessment by the board of directors

The Institute has developed specialized expertise in self-assessment of the practices, needs, expectations and priorities of boards of directors of organizations in various sectors of activity. We have developed a method and tools that enable your board of directors to proceed quickly and effectively with self-assessment as a group.

  • Basic review of governance practices and recommendations

Comprehensive analysis of the present governance structure of your organization compared with best governance practices and the context in which it is evolving.

  • Custom designed training “Toward value-creating governance”®

This customized training given by a governance expert will enable your organization to thoroughly understand and situate its governance system in comparison with best practices in the environment in which it is evolving and, most importantly, to identify and plan the next steps to be taken toward improving its governance system.