Chairing the board

The key role of the chair of the board of directors

The chair of the board plays a decisive role in the success of a board of directors. He must have solid technical skills for managing the issues listed on the board’s agendas.

The debates in progress concerning the governance of organizations often lead to a strengthening of the role of boards of directors. In order to better take on its responsibilities, a board of directors must be led by a person capable of making a group of directors with different perspectives and varied experiences work together.

You chair a board of directors that faces challenges which you find interesting? Learn what will make you a leader who will be both appreciated and effective. This training will teach you how to:

  • Identify the potential contribution that could be made by each of the board members;
  • Create a climate for discussion that promotes strategic decision making;
  • Attract the best individuals with the skills required to join the board;
  • Manage relationships with tact and consideration and build solid collaboration as well as understanding of the roles of the chair and the chief executive officer.

Workshops and practical case studies will be presented in the afternoon by two experienced chairpersons. This will allow the participants to confront various situations chosen from real-life experiences and to assess the knowledge acquired in the first part of the seminar.

Available in French