April 27, 2011

Homage to Laurent Beaudoin and Paul Desmarais

Photos from the evening event

For its fifth anniversary, on April 26th, the IGPPO gathered together “Quebec Inc.” to acknowledge the exceptional contribution made by two men who have marked the province’s economic development: Laurent Beaudoin and Paul Desmarais.

More than 400 personalities from the political and business world attended the gala including Lucien Bouchard, Henri-Paul Rousseau, Clément Gignac, Jacques Daoust and Thiery Vandal. See photos from the evening.

The IGPPO highlighted the remarkable contribution made by these two men, who have made such an impact on Quebec economic life during the past five decades.

Beaudoin and Desmarais come from a rare breed of leader, who have built companies that have dominated their respective industries.

During the gala, the IGPPO announced the creation of a table of honor made up of the great builders in the Quebec economy which will be set up at 1000 rue de la Gauchetiere (Montreal) starting in September 2011. The two first entrants will be Laurent Beaudoin and Paul Desmarais.

See photos from the evening.