April 1, 1997

Ceiling Unlimited

Bombardier's global ambition and constant innovation have propelled it to No. 1 in our CEO survey

Bruce Livesey | The Globe and Mail

With all the pomp and circumstance of a D.W. Griffith movie spectacle, the ultimate business jet was unveiled in a cavernous hangar in Toronto last summer. While Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and other political heavies looked on –  an accompanied by a 45-piece orchestra and 1,000-strong choir belting out a rousing chorus – an enormous tarpaulin displaying the image of a Canadian flag was lifted from the silvery skin of the Global Express. Thirty metres long and a 2.5 storeys high, this jet can fly 6,700 nautical miles non-stop – say from New York to Tokyo – slicing across the heavens at Mach .9 (935 kmh).  For those CEOs, heads of state and sheiks who plunk down $34 million (U.S.) to buy one of these Lamborghinis-in-the-sky, they can luxuriate in gold-plated splendour at 51,000 feet. The Global Express, with its double-crank wings and sculpted fuselage, is a sleek bird for fat cats.

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