November 16, 2020

Louis Audet of Cogeco and Madeleine Paquin of LOGISTEC named 2020 Great builders of the Quebec economy

Montreal, November 18, 2020—As part of its biennial celebration of the Great builders of the Quebec economy, the IGOPP has named Louis Audet, Executive Chair of the Board of Cogeco, and Madeleine Paquin, President and CEO of LOGISTIC, as the laureates of its sixth edition.

Since this initiative was launched in 2010, the IGOPP has been celebrating the boldness, innovation and outstanding merits of the exceptional business builders who are shaping Quebec’s economy.

The two 2020 laureates are a shining example of the contribution made to Quebec society by long-standing, family-owned businesses. The IGOPP is very pleased to recognize their economic success and their social commitment.

The Chair of IGOPP’s Board, Yvan Allaire, praised the two honorees: “The IGOPP is especially pleased to highlight the success of companies such as Cogeco and Logistec, which are a compelling example of what we call a ‘capitalism of owners,’ that is, a capitalism forged by companies that are controlled by entrepreneurs and their families who have established long-lasting businesses.”

“Cogeco and LOGISTEC are committed to the long term and are strongly influenced by family values,” added François Dauphin, the IGOPP’s President and CEO. “They have developed a form of ownership that ensures the continuity of their control in Quebec. Their success and their exceptional contribution to the Quebec economy are a particularly enlightening example for new generations of entrepreneurs.”

A bronze plaque for each of the laureates will be added to the Wall honouring the Great builders of the Quebec economy, on the mezzanine at 1000 de la Gauchetière West, which features more than a dozen builders. The following people have been honoured since 2010: Laurent Beaudoin, Paul Desmarais Sr., Alain Bouchard, Serge Godin, John and Eric Molson, André Chagnon, the Lemaire and Pomerleau families, and the financial and agricultural cooperative movement, specifically Dorimène and Alphonse Desjardins.

This Wall is intended to remind future generations of the efforts made by the entrepreneurs who have built and will continue to build important, sustainable businesses in the Quebec economy.

About the companies-laureates:


Cogeco is a diversified communications company that provides Internet, video and telephony services, as well as operating 23 radio stations across Quebec.  Established by Henri Audet more than 60 years ago, Cogeco has become a major company under the direction of Louis Audet who has led it for 25 years. Cogeco has become a leader in the highly competitive cable and broadcasting sectors.

With its entrepreneurial culture based on human values, calculated risk-taking and technological innovation, Cogeco has become one of North America’s largest communications companies.


Founded more than 68 years ago, LOGISTEC is a publicly traded company with operations in a number of sectors: maritime services, environmental services and services related to water technologies.

With operations in 38 ports and 65 terminals in North America, LOGISTEC is a leader in its industry. The company’s success is rooted in the vision and leadership of its founder, Roger Paquin, and is based on the business acumen, determination and commitment to excellence demonstrated by Madeleine Paquin, who succeeded her father as President and CEO in 1996.


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