L’IGOPP dans les médias

31 mai 2013

« Quebec Inc. speaks with one voice on hostile takeovers »

[…] « Nearly half of Quebec’s 50 most valuable companies have neither a controlling shareholder nor the protection of dual-class shares. As such, they are technically up for grabs. SNC-Lavalin, Metro, Dollarama, Gildan Activewear and Osisko Mining are the most important by market capitalization. What is more, only eight of those 24 companies are incorporated in […]

25 mai 2013

« SNC-Lavalin looking to clean up its reputation »

« […] As the argument goes, SNC-Lavalin is too big to fail. That line of reasoning saved American banks when they created a housing bubble only to have it burst in their face. It also sparked the multi-billion-dollar bailout of North American car companies when the global economy tanked. “There are hundreds if not thousands of professionals […]

24 mai 2013

La Banque de développement économique du Québec en péril

[ … ] Les partis d’opposition ne sont pas les seuls à souligner les défauts du projet. Selon Michel Nadeau, directeur général de l’Institut sur la gouvernance, le projet de loi 36 tel que présenté n’aurait apporté que des nouveautés cosmétiques, mais ne changera pas réellement les choses. « Le guichet unique existe déjà en […]

24 mai 2013

Banque de développement du Québec – «Ingouvernable»

La structure de gouvernance de la future Banque de développement économique (BDEQ) a fait l’objet de lourdes critiques jeudi de la part d’un ancien vice-président de la Caisse de dépôt et placement, qui l’estime « complexe et ingouvernable ». Le projet, qui vise à fusionner Investissement Québec et certains éléments du ministère des Finances et […]

27 février 2013

« No supervision of proxy advisory firms »

« The Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations is calling on regulators to require that proxy advisory firms ensure accuracy, provide transparency and avoid conflicts of interest in their recommendations and dealings. The institute is an independent organization based in Montreal whose founders include activist investor firm Jarislowsky Fraser Ltd. Its mandate is to […]

27 novembre 2012

« ‘Takeovers are coming’: Some of Quebec’s biggest companies vulnerable to foreign bids »

« Half of Quebec’s 50 biggest publicly traded companies are vulnerable to foreign takeover attempts, new research suggests. It’s a statistical call to arms from a leading corporate expert who argues Quebec is doing the right thing in taking national ownership of the “say no” fight after Ontario ignored it for years. Yvan Allaire, a former […]

15 novembre 2012

« Rona puts up legal barrier to Invesco board challenge »

« […]Invesco bought the bulk of its current Rona stake in May 2007 at a price varying between $17.10 and $17.75 per share so its current state of mind is understandable given the share drop since then, said Yvan Allaire, executive chair of Montreal’s Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations. Still, Invesco backed Rona’s […]

18 septembre 2012

« Rona shareholders first victims of Quebec’s growing protectionism »

 » […] Like the PQ, the CAQ is intent on keeping corporate headquarters in the province intact after a rash of buyouts in recent years hollowed out local decision-making at companies such as Alcan and Molson. They argue head office power means jobs for local accountants and bankers and suppliers, a whole ecosystem of employment that […]

1 septembre 2012

Entrevue avec Yvan Allaire

Président du conseil d’administration de l’Institut sur la gouvernance d’organisations privées et publiques, Yvan Allaire a longtemps agi come conseiller auprès de la haute direction de grandes entreprises canadiennes. Il fut le cofondateur du Groupe SECOR et vice-président exécutif de Bombardier de 1996 à 2001. Dans son dernier livre co-écrit avec la professure Mihaela Firsirotu, Plaidoyer […]

23 août 2012

« Do your shares have the power? »

[ … ] « Yvan Allaire, chairman of the board of the Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations (IGPPO) and a professor emeritus at Universite du Quebec a Montreal, estimated that 13 per cent of the 253 companies on the TSX/S&P composite index in 2008 had some form of dual-class voting structure. For […]

10 août 2012

« Quebec’s move to shield Rona from Lowe’s takeover could end badly »

[…] « Yvan Allaire, chairman of the Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations, argues that the real rationale for Quebec’s meddling in Rona is to counter the difficulty, under current securities regulations, for the company’s board to reject a hostile takeover attempt. That compares with the United States, where boards have more power under […]

8 août 2012

« Rona battle highlights impotence of boards: Prof »

« Quebec-based home improvement retailer Rona Inc. (RON.TO 10.93 -0.08 -0.73%) has found itself in the crosshairs of an unsolicited takeover approach from its American rival Lowe’s Cos (LOW.N 45.14 0.51 1.14%) — even as Rona’s board and management have publicly stated they’re not interested. For Yvan Allaire, Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations […]

7 août 2012

« Doing Business With Quebec Inc. »

12 juin 2012

« Corporate leaders suffer under the capitalist gun »

« Pity Indra Nooyi. When she won the coveted post of CEO at PepsiCo Inc. in 2006, she indicated she wanted to shift Pepsi from snack foods to health foods and from caffeinated colas to juices. « It doesn’t mean subtracting from the bottom line, » she argued: The company would simply bring together what is good […]

24 mai 2012

« FP Letters to the Editor: Small firms need options as incentives »

« Re: “Stock Options Under Attack,” Barbara Shecter, May 23 Rewarding executives with stock options may be a mistake in some circles, as claimed by the Institute for the Governance of Private and Public Organizations, but they are essential tools to attract and retain skilled management in many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Companies that have […]

22 mai 2012

La grogne monte contre la rémunération des PDG

L’Institut sur la gouvernance d’organisations privées et publiques (IGOPP) a lancé un pavé dans la mare en dénonçant la paie trop élevée des PDG d’entreprise. L’organisme rend public le rapport intitulé « Payer pour une valeur ajoutée : trancher le nœud gordien de la rémunération des dirigeants ». Il est signé par Yvan Allaire, au […]